c74 - nr74 - Leo van der Veen
iOS Max/MSP controller

Create user interfaces from within Max on your iOS device.
Kontakt - nr74 - leo van der veen
iOS contact visualiser

Kontakt renders all of your contacts' phone numbers in several scientific (and less scientific) ways.
Tafel van Toen - nr74 - Leo van der Veen & Iris Douma
Tafel van Toen
Reminiscence project for elderly people

Interactive desk with video and pictures from the 50's.
Tovernoot - nr74 - Leo van der Veen & Iris Douma
Interactive music toy for kids

Create/play melodies by throwing coloured walnuts in a squirrel's den.
iOS barcode music generator

Supermarket symphony! Listen to your favorite cookies in C-sharp.
Humanity House
Humanity House
International Red Cross museum The Hague

nr74 created several interactive installations for this new museum in 2011.
nr15 - nr74 - Leo van der Veen
iOS math game

It's all in the numbers. Try to sum up random numbers to match 15 as fast as possible.
Schotter - nr74 - Leo van der Veen
iOS app

Reproduction of the 1960 computer graphic piece Schotter by Georg Nees.
Argus - nr74 - Leo van der Veen
iOS app

Simple cartoon viewer app for the Dutch cartoonist Rene Leisink.
Armando - nr74 - Leo van der Veen
Tree fall
Video installation for the 2011 Art Biennale in Venice

About the interchangeability of the victim and perpetrator role.

nr74 is dedicated to creating software of all sorts ‘n sizes. nr74 is managed by leovanderveen (soft- hardware design) and irisdouma (interaction design). half of 74 equals 37 which happens to be the art counterpart of nr74, checkout www.nr37.nl.
Iris Douma - nr74
Iris Douma
Interaction designer

Or just visit her LinkedIn site by clicking here.
Leo van der Veen - nr74
Leo van der Veen
Hard-/software developer

Or just visit his LinkedIn site by clicking here.

nr74 - info[at]nr74.org - +31(0)6-14463739 - violenstraat 53 - 3812vw - amersfoort - the netherlands - art projects? visit 0.5 x 74 = www.nr37.nl, nr74,2012