c74 - nr74 - leo van der veen
iOS Max/MSP controller

c74 is an iPhone / iPod Touch app that let's you connect your device with Cycling '74's Max/MSP 5/6.

The massive improvement over existing interface layout apps is that the layout is dynamically controlled by Max. Therefore we can have the interface adapt to the tasks it has to perform in real-time.

In order to connect this app to Max please download the free external from : http://www.nr74.org/c74/c74v152.zip (requires osx 10.5 or higher !)

Custom controller interfaces are built straight from within Max, presets can be stored etc. The external features some nice attributes for receiving accelerometer, GPS, compass, shake gesture and proximity data.

Also you might wanna checkout : http://www.twitter.com/c74app (this is where you’ll be notified of updates etc.)

IMPORTANT : new external available at http://www.nr74.org/c74/c74v152.zip
IMPORTANT : have a look at the manual at http://www.nr74.org/c74/c74v152.pdf
IMPORTANT : need to convert v1.4 presets to v1.5 please download http://www.nr74.org/c74/convert74.zip

IMPORTANT : the new c74 desktop application will be available soon and will probably be called d74. This will enable support for OpenSoundControl, MIDI, drag and drop UI’s etc...

New in v1.5.2

Fix :

Compatibility with Max 6.
- Deleting/closing the c74 external now disconnects the iOS app properly.
- iPad now works properly in landscape mode (beyond 720px).
- [read filepath] message now works correctly.
- Fonts and colors are now stored within presets.
- Fixed several small bugs

Added :

- gyroscope attribute, including [gyroRate rate] message to set polling frequency
- [accelerometerRate rate] message to set polling frequency for accelerometer data - flashlight support via the [flashlight state] message (experimental stage...)
- [bringtofront ID] and [sendtoback ID] messages
- rslider object
- swatch object
- panel object
- lcd object (basic implementation)
- button object now returns [ID 1] or [ID 0] instead of [ID bang].
- convert74, this application converts v1.4 presets into v1.5 presets
- d74, this application connects to the c74 iOS app and enables you to create UI's much more intuitive. The application also acts like a bridge between the iOS app and many other apps using MIDI or OpenSoundControl. d74 can be seen as an alternative to the c74 external, though not every function of the external is implemented in d74. d74 is currently in beta.

Known issues :
- Sounds are recorded in .caf format, which unfortunately can't be read by Max
- Removed reading/grabbing of images, encountered too much crashes...

c74 - nr74 - leo van der veen
c74 - nr74 - leo van der veen
c74 - nr74 - leo van der veen